Lighting Design

Interior Lighting Design

Lighting and illumination is the single most critical factor in designing a pleasing interior environment. A successful lighting design is pleasing to the eye, focusing attention on key room features, while eliminating shadows and “hot spots”. There are several applications that can be used to meet specific lighting needs, or to achieve a desired special effect.

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Lumination FX is committed to offering customers the best of residential lighting design, consultation, installation and maintenance – all backed by our skills as professional electricians.

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At Lumination FX we are aware of the many new lighting technologies available. We have designed lighting layouts for homes, retail stores, commercial outlets, kitchen renovations, landscapes and offices.

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Lumination FX uses quality lighting products for your home from prestigious suppliers such as Sescolite, Living Lighting and Concept Lighting. We specialize in renovating your existing lighting or designing new lighting layouts.

Lighting Design for Restaurants and Commercial Spaces

We have expertise in the design and installation of all types of residential lighting applications, including:

General or Ambient Lighting:

Ambient or generalized lighting, is used to illuminate an entire area. Ambient lighting can come from fixtures such as basic floor or table lamps, fan lamps and alcoves. Generalized lighting can be low wattage or high wattage, depending on the needs of the space. Task Lighting typically refers to the higher level of light provided on work areas such as kitchen islands, countertops and desks. Additional light is directed to these areas using recessed, track or pendant fixtures. Concealed under-cabinet lighting is also frequently used by lighting designers to provide task illumination without seeing the source (fixture).

Accent Lighting:

Accent or decorative lighting is used to draw attention to a certain aspect of a space, such as a painting, wall, shelf or other area. Accent lighting is used to create drama in a space, raising consciousness about a specific facet.


Down-lighting requires the fixtures to cast light downwards which can be achieved by overhead lighting or a lighting fixture on a wall. Down-lighting is very commonly used in spaces to provide ambient lighting. Examples of down-lighting include recessed lights, spotlights and overhead lighting.


Up-lighting uses indirect light that is bounced off a surface to illuminate a space. This refraction method lessens glare and reflection. Although it is less common, up-lighting is often more beneficial than down-lighting due to increased levels of visual comfort. An example of up-lighting is alcove, which can be fluorescent or neon.

Direct Lighting

Direct lighting can be front, side or backlighting. Front lighting makes the object which is illuminated appear flat and without shadows. Side lighting is not commonly utilized because it increases the chances of glare. Backlighting is a form of accent lighting which can be used to illuminate an object and cast decorative shadows.

Wall Washing

Wall washing is a type of Accent Lighting that creates an area of uniform illumination that may be desirable for a series of photos or artwork. Wall washing reduces the texture of the wall surface. Often the reflected light can create ambient light in the remainder of the room that is pleasing and restful.

Display Lighting

Display Lighting is opposite from Wall Washing in that it creates a dramatic highlight and shadow effect on surfaces such as draperies, stone or brick. Display Lighting consists of small low voltage lighting fixtures to illuminate cabinets displaying keepsakes, ornaments, dinnerware etc. Many under-cabinet fixtures (as described above) are suitable for display lighting.

Cove Lighting

Cove Lighting gives a room a more open appearance by illuminating the perimeter of the room where the walls meet the ceiling. A large crown mold or soffit is built around the perimeter of the room providing a concealed space for a continuous halogen or xenon track lighting. Cove lighting looks best with a smooth, even wash of light.

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We are happy to drop by and see what you are planning, then take that information back to our office and return a detailed design proposal for the work required. We realize the decision may require some time and discussion to get a thorough understanding of what we are offering or what is involved. Lumination FX provides you with a pleasant experience as we pride ourselves in our strong relationships with customers.

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